Guinea: outstretched hand of Condé to opponents

outstretched hand of Condé

Outstretched hand of Condé to opponents does not disarm the opposition which wants the withdrawal of the president’s candidacy for the next presidential election. Despite numerous protests from opponents, Guinean President Alpha Condé is running for a third term. He was officially appointed to office on Tuesday, December 15, in front of an audience of African heads of state. For this new beginning, the President calls on citizens to reconcile and dialogue.

For this swearing-in ceremony of Alpha Condé, a very high security was deployed. About 3,000 officers have been mobilized in the city centre and on the outskirts of Conakry. This is probably in order to prevent any form of further protests or violence.

Outstretched hand of Condé for peace

During his address to the nation for his inauguration, Alpha Condé invited his protesters to join him for a joint work. It also invites them to forget the divisive past and to favour a future based on unity. Because from now on every Guinean will have his place.

« My commitment is to continue to work for all with the goal of recording national unity and social cohesion, » said Alpha Condé. And to do so, no part of the country will be excluded.
« I am the president of all Guineans, serving all Guineans. In realizing our common ideal, no one will be forgotten, » he added.

Outstretched hand of Condé rejected

« Today’s event is an additional coup, neither legal nor legitimate, » said Cellou Dalein Diallo, the main opponent. For him, the president’s outstretched hand is a sham, if we refer to the actions he has taken in recent weeks. The outstretched hand of Condé is criticized.

« Not only did he kidnap me for about ten days. So far, my offices and my party headquarters are occupied by the army, without any court decision, » said Cellou Dalein Diallo. He added, « When people say he’s reaching out, I can’t believe it. »

« The vast majority of Guineans want political leaders in civil society to seize the outstretched hand, » said Mohamed Lamine Bangoura, president of the Constitutional Court.

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